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80,366 active point collectors

We reward our customers for a health-conscious lifestyle, social commitment and their loyalty. We therefore launched the Helsana+ bonus programme in September 2017. More than 80,000 customers have already registered, with 8,000 actively using it on a daily basis. Helsana+ allows users to collect Plus points effortlessly, enabling them to benefit from cash payments and numerous partner offers.

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With us, a healthy lifestyle pays off.

2,818 kilometres

We opened the first Helsana-trail 15 years ago in Bern. Since then, more than 360 trails have been added at over 120 locations. The signposted circuits are available to everyone around the clock. Featuring mountain lakes, forests and rivers nestled in picturesque landscapes, the trails offer an inviting setting for taking a jog, walk or stroll.

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4.3 sources of supply for medication

Capsules, tablets and drops – keeping track of them all can be tough. Many Swiss obtain their medication from various sources. What has been missing until now is a systematic record of the medication taken. That is another reason why we repeatedly see interactions and overdoses. Our Drug Report reveals interesting facts and provides transparency.

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2x silver

As an official partner of Special Olympics, we sent ten volunteers from Helsana to the National Summer Games in Geneva. They supported the organisers and cheered on the athletes, including our ambassador Jonas. The judoka won two silver medals. We would like to congratulate him on his achievement and Special Olympics on reaching its 50th anniversary!

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55 solved cases in 2018

Cases of insurance fraud read like a good crime thriller: service providers issue fraudulent invoices, patients exaggerate illnesses, customers manipulate documents. However, fraud always leaves clues. Data science is helping us uncover these cases of fraud, stop the payments and demand the money back. Last year, this allowed us to save CHF 3 million for our customers.

On the trail of fraudsters.