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Up to 30 000 bonus points
per year

Anybody who actively exercises, goes for regular check-ups, eats a healthy diet or is loyal to Helsana deserves a reward: in September, Helsana launched a bonus programme for customers who lead a healthy lifestyle. The programme is unique in its kind. Using the new Helsana+ app, customers can collect bonus points and receive cash or attractive partner discounts. An idea that is a smashing success: the number of downloads has exceeded our every expectation!

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42 available
career opportunities

Our new employer website targets employees who want to contribute their skills and enthusiasm to help shape the future of healthcare. At Helsana, they will find the ideal conditions for balancing their private and professional lives. We promote their individual development, take care of their health and place the trust in them that they require to be successful.

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99 scientific

Switzerland has an outstanding healthcare system which is accessible to everyone. It is, however, costly. Transparency is needed to improve effectiveness and further increase the level of quality. This is why we are active in areas such as healthcare research. Healthcare researcher Carola Huber scrutinised the healthcare landscape and, in doing so, contributed to further improving the system – for each and every one of us.

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64 pages of healthy reading material

Our guide appeared for the first time, together with the new "Aktuell" customer magazine. It provides compact background information on a specific health issue together with many useful tips. The first editions on stress and calories were met with great enthusiasm by our readers.

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3 top scores for our work

Every year, various institutions closely examine Switzerland's health insurers. In independent comparative tests, we regularly receive top scores from bonus.ch, help.ch and comparis.ch for our service quality. Gratifying proof that our daily work pays off!

104 active Helsana

Helsana employees volunteer once again this year. Out of conviction, they demonstrate commitment to social causes. In May, for example, 20 Helsana employees supported the Special Olympics athletes at the Letzigrund stadium in Zurich. An unforgettable experience – for both the athletes and the helpers.

Regional Games Zürich

13 May 2017

Provision of support to athletes and assistance during the medal ceremony.

Kantengut residential area for the elderly in Chur

31 August 2017

Walk with ten senior citizens in wheelchairs through Chur’s old town with a break for coffee.

Inclusione andicap Ticino

10 July 2017

Final training with athletes before the “Galà die Castelli” track-and-field meeting and subsequent drinks reception.

Casa Anziani Fondazione Opera Caritas di Sonvico

20 and 26 September 2017

Shopping tour with the senior citizens with a coffee stop and zoo visit in Magliaso.

Laupen nursing home

30 August 2017

Barbecue party with 50 elderly people to provide them with space to chat, sing and dance.

Autumn market in Bubikon

28 October 2017

Provision of support at the market stands at the annual autumn market of the Züriwerk Foundation.

Bodensee Games Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein

1 to 3 September 2017

Provision of comprehensive support to athletes and assistance during the medal ceremony.

Téléthon solidarity campaign

8 and 9 December 2017

Donation line for people with a rare hereditary disease across Switzerland.

Timea and her avatar

Timea Ulrich's cancer treatment kept her from attending school for several months. Thanks to her avatar, Nao, she was still able to stay on top of things. Find out about Timea's experience with Nao and how she joked around.

Timea, what was your first contact through your avatar Nao like? My heart almost burst with joy! I was so happy that Nao let me participate in class again and I no longer needed to study on my own. Then, when I saw my friends on the screen for the first time, it was simply amazing.

What do you like about Nao? The fact that Nao allows me to see, hear and talk to my teachers and friends. I can even use Nao to joke around a bit. One time, my friend Elisa was alone in the classroom and looking for something. I decided to talk through Nao: Elisa, what are you looking for? She was so shocked! Nao is even good at yoga and dancing Gangnam Style.

How did you participate in classes? I was able to control Nao with my tablet. For example, I could make him put his arm up to answer questions or write, draw and pass task sheets back and forth. Drawing and writing with the pen was especially cool.

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